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Jan 10, 2013 12:00pm EST
categories. it landed an a in several categories including work force policies. >> how tough is it to remain no. one year after year? >> we want to make sure the children of maryland have the very best education. will we stay number one? of course not. but we will always strive to be number one. >> tim tooten, wbal tv-11 news. . >> students are dealing with the surprise of shutdown of their school. students with the american career institute went to school yester day to find a letter informing them it had been closed. aci blames its inability to secure additional credits. officials tell 11 news they are working to help the 1200 students affected finished their trade courses. >> we here at the maryland higher education commission are committed to ensuring they complete the training they intended to complete when they enrolled at aci. it is important to get the skills they need to get the jobs that they need. >> those who paid out of pocket will be reimbursed by a state- controlled trust fund. meanwhile, investigators say at two-alarm fire started or run 7:30 wednesday night in west baltimore.
Jan 6, 2013 9:30am PST
at a lower price. no. 4, celeb establishing pricing category. no. 5 change the status of projects using the california debt limit allocation committee. i will talk about the cdlac units. no. 6, allow income levels of qualifying households to exceed those specified in recorded use restrictions under certain circumstances and lastly, authorize the mayor's office of housing to charge a monitoring fee to verify occupancy for affordable rental units where that authority has not been explicit in the past. those are the seven changes, and the mayor's office of housing is here to help you if you have questions on those. as you know, this ordinance was introduced on december 6th, so i want to point out that the version of the ordinance that you have in your packet was prior to when i had the signed form ordinance. we have the signed form ordinance before you now. there are no substantive changes, but we didn't have this at the time that the packet was produced. we are recommending approval of the ordinance. it's in line with adopted city policy both in our housing element and in the planning cod
Jan 4, 2013 10:30pm PST
. in that income category it's above where our publicly subsidized affordable housing can hit. this is the program that frankly produces housing for the middle-class, who are not able to reach the market. it's impressive over the life of the program. i think you heard a lot of numbers, 1200 units,. that is a good track record. as you all know the housing trust fund was a big package. and within that, and i think really smartly, we don't see it as a giveaway, but we see it as a very intentional and thoughtful policy. it incents on-site bmr to the developer for exchange to producing units, bricks and mortar, permanently affordable housing and developers are rewarded for that. so we should see an increase in the number of bmrs because of that. there is also a piece of trailing legislation that will come before you presumably in the 1st quarter of next year. we think it's a smart idea to make sure that the program is as successful as possible. the idea is to allow more of a range of pricing both of the rental and for-sale, up to a cap, dealing with the low and moderate income categories and then ba
Jan 26, 2013 10:00am EST
. with the hollywood awards season underway, critics are asking if separate best actor and best actress categories are archaic. this year the screen actors guild dropped the term "actress" but still have different categories for men and women. many in the film fraternity say gender should not be the defining factor in determining winning characters. but the numbers tell a different story. according to a recent study females comprised about a third of the characters in the 100 top-grossing films in 2011. critics say that while in theory it makes sense to not have gender-based categories, there are more good roles written for men and women are already at a disadvantage. tara, why do women want to be called actors? >> i don't know. i think this is as nine. really, i do. as some point i actually like being a woman. i like being recognized amongst my peers from my craft, whatever that may be. >> looking good, girl. >> thank you. i don't understand this. this whole obsession with gender neutrality is going -- it's overboard. this is one of those examples. we should -- meryl streep didn't deserve the myr
Jan 6, 2013 9:00am PST
category called a typical antipsychotics. and it really speaks to the fact that we have a buys, all of us, consumers, physicians, we assume that new means improved. and in fact, what is really true is that needs to be established by solid evidence and not just assumption. this is a very important study for the federal government. very important study for state government. because this category of drugs is a substantial expense for the medicaid program. >> what's the cost between haldol and the new drug that came out? >> it's a difference between haldol and a entire category, the a typical antisigh cotics. it's a many expense. that doesn't mean haldol is the right drug for every patient but what this study demonstrate said when you look at a large population, for a substantial number of patients, the older now available as a generic drug, is in fact more effective at controlling symptoms than the newer category of drugs. so it just speaks to the issue of first of all, the treatment needs to be at a lord to the individual and that if -- tailored -- we need to enter into the prescribing proc
Jan 29, 2013 1:00am PST
's attention jane has done a good job. >> under for a second and drink all those categories we have to review each one and making sure u making sure it had all the licenses and permits that were required or removal of some that inadvertently got in. >> we going to came back the media on these things and we're starting the discussion on this so i'll keep you, you updated on this. but the thought the commission should see a product presentation friend of mine us >> how many preparations are there? how many forms are required >> it would be nice to know how many forms would be on the site and i think that would go along way in the presto express how big a job this is and how much this brings together in one place. how many categories of business. people like to think oh, small business owner but it's maybe 55 categories and this may be a complicated one and fin facts but they write articles about this >> great job. >> next item please. commissioners item 8 discussion on proposition e this is a discussion item >> so commissioners we've been fielding questions through our office and other bu
Jan 10, 2013 4:00am PST
picture category, "django" could get a nomination if they go to six, seven or eight movies but it would be a bit of a surprise if jamie foxx does get a nomination for best actor for that film. the best actor category one of the tightest this year. we probably will see people like daniel day-lewis and denzel washington get nominations, but there could be heavy hitters in hollywood like richard gere, bradley cooper or joaquin phoenix that could find themselves on the other side of the nomination. >> all right. lots of drama there. you can stick around for our special coverage of the oscar nominations that begins at 8:nic8:15 this morning. a.j. hammer will join me and we'll talk about it live on the air. go to our facebook page or tweet us your thoughts on the nominees. it our hash tag #cnnnoms. >>> other stories making news this morning. >>> in colorado, the evidence hearing against james holmes has wrapped up. the presiding judge will decide tomorrow if this case will go to trial. holmes accused of opening fire inside the movie theater last july killing 12 people, wounding dozens of othe
Jan 5, 2013 10:00am EST
of time. and i have calculated the average duration of servitude based on the different categories, because they are different. again, speak to the importance of doing actual data gathering. you can see that the circumstances get shorter and you can extrapolate a sense in a given year, how many people were in bondage. so, that is one way of going about it. another is to multiplied out and say at this point in time, people are coming in and out. at any given time, you would have this many. ilo, their number is from year a to year b, there were x numbers of slaves in the world. is just a different way of doing mouth. >> thank you for that brilliant, moving keynote address. it is what that conference desperately needed. make no apologies for crunching numbers. i know you are not apologizing. do not get depressed. we will solve all your questions in the next session. if not that one, surely the afternoon session. there is coffee upstairs. we want you back in 10, maximum 15 minutes. thank you very much. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyrig
Jan 15, 2013 1:00am PST
that there are seven categories at that time. there are now ten categories of -- categories of people that are prohibited from the ability to possess firearms, that they basically lost their second amendment right, which i believe in, and they forfeit it. and that category includes people who have been convicted of felonies, that are fugitives from justice. in fact, federal law since 1968 says people who are using or addicted to drugs are prohibited from possessing firearms. those who are adjudicated mentally ill. the most important thing we can do as a nation and state by state is making sure there is a universal background check. since its inception, and that is the nix system, the background with the brady law, there has been approximately two million prohibited persons who have tried to purchase firearms that have been stopped. nearly 48% of those people have been convicted felons. i think it's one of the most important thing we can do. i think it's a thing that is going the pass in this state. i think that's why you see governors o'malley and cuomo and others going forward on tha
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am EST
, along with the thing i am proud is for having written and passed about. we added a new category of people who were prohibited from purchasing a gun. based on facts, not on fiction. that is those who had a restraining order issued against them in a domestic violence incident. added. then, two years later we expanded the list again to include anyone convicted of a misdemeanor violent crime, because there was some history that they were the most likely people to do something. time and experience has demonstrated we continue to take a close look at the risk to see if it fits the needs of society at the moment. it is part of our recommendation to the president to suggest the president directing attorney general to study that question. should any other people be added to the prohibited category? certain convicted stalkers can still purchase a gun. people with outstanding warrants, as long as you do not crossed the line into delaware, they can go buy a gun. people have been convicted of misdemeanors for abusing their children have now been added to the list. as all of you know, you dea
Jan 10, 2013 6:00am PST
." "lincoln," "silver linings playbook." "zero dark thirty." the best actor category, a strong category but a big snub it seems in this category. nominees are bradley cooper, daniel day lewis, hugh jackman, denzel washington, and no john hawkes for "the sessions." a lot of people thought he would get it. best actress. jessica chastain, jennifer laurence, naomi watts, guvenzhane wallis. and naomi watts. such a great performance. we also had the supporting categories, this, again, for the men, a very strong category, this year the nominees for best supporting actor are alan arkin or "argo." robert de niro for "silver linings playbook." we also got philipp seymour hoffman for "the master." and some people thought leonardo dicaprio would get a nomination or samuel l. jackson would get a nomination but neither did. beth suft porting actress, amy adams, sally field who was masterful in that movie. helen hunt, anne hathaway, and we just heard scott fine burgh say it's been 31 years since a movie has been nominated in every major category and that happened this year for "silver linings playbook
Jan 13, 2013 11:30am PST
leads the way in the drama categories with seven nominations, including best motion picture, best actor, daniel day-lewis and supporting actress, sally field. >> i need you to help me make a fake movie. >> joining "lincoln," are "argo," "django unchained," life of pi and "zero dark thirty." the musical, "les miserables" and surprise hit, "silver linings playbook" headline the comedy or musical categories with a handful of nominations each. including best picture. hugh jackman and anne hathaway earned acting nods for "les mis," while jennifer lawrence and bradley cooper were nominated for "silver linings playbook". >> it's wonderful, a word of mouth film. >> "the best exotic marigold hotel" "moonrise kingdom" and "salmon fishing in the yemen" round it out. >> the most nominations in the television field with five and "homeland" leads the drama race with four nominations, best series, beckett at tress, claire danes and best actor, damien lewis. it will battle it out with "boardwalk empire" and "the newsroom." "modern family" has done well at the globes, it won best tv series and is nomina
Jan 16, 2013 12:00pm PST
of the software. and spoking to the gross receipts tax there are eight different categories. or tax schedules and four progressive rates depending on the type of business activity you engage in. as i mentioned before twice as many businesss will actually be filing and remiting this tax. and they are going to have to report different data points. right now a business simply dells us this is how much payroll tax i have in san francisco and apply the 1.5% rate and then that is how much tax they owe. we're now going to have to continue to collect that information, plus what of their receipts was in each of the different categoris? because they can report in different categories and actually required to. and we will have to know much more about them and their payroll expense will need to be reported still for the tax and also in most cases for how they allocate, in san francisco out of san francisco taxes. for the business registration fees currently there are four fees ranging from $25 to $500. depending on your level of payroll expense. and as you may assume, most businesses just pay the $25 reg
Jan 10, 2013 11:00am PST
." but scott mcgrew says it's a controversial category. >> best animated picture. how can that be controversial? some animators feel that category is designed to keep their movies away from the best picture category. now, "brave" most likely wouldn't have gotten a nomination for best picture. it was a nice movie but not the best picture. but there have been animated movies in the past that could have won the big prize. remember back in 2003, the best picture was "lord of the rings, return of the king." "finding nemo" came out that same here. it won best animated feature. but film historians now call "finding nemo" one of the best films, period. but it was never nominated for the big, big prize. >>> video out of north korea this morning to your newsroom of eric schmidt, chairman of google. there he is on the left-hand side behind the tv camera. he's talking to the press. he called for greater internet freedom in north korea. maybe not a surprise particularly. google's always stood for internet freedom. but this is news wouworthy beca while it's easy to criticize north korea, it's more difficult
Jan 10, 2013 5:00pm PST
. supporting actor category features five former oscar winners. in the supporting actress category, amy adams, sally field anne hathaway and jackie weaver. sill her veings playbook is the first film since red since 1991 to get nominations in all four ago acting categories plus directing, writing and best picture. sounds like a silver lining to me. >> besides director of silver linings, other director is for amore and life of pi and steven spielberg for lincoln. oscars will be hand out february 24th on abc. >>> and good news to tell you now, the wife of california lieutenant governor gavin newsom is among those for academy award. she was executive producer on the documentary called the invisible war. she tweeted about the nomination today. it examines sexual assaults in the u.s. military. >> he tweets, congratulations to my amazing wife. >> you can see who wins on sunday february 24th when the oscars are announced live. check out our app. there is a list of nominees and when you log in with facebook you can share your pictures with your friends. share your picks, as well. >> it's so funny that
Jan 10, 2013 4:00pm PST
in all four acting categories, the first time the film has done so in three decades. >> could this be the year of the romantic comedy? it might be with the eight nominations leading to oscars. it tells the story of a man with bipolar disorder. >> i used to be on lithium. >> i am tired and want to go. >> you have poor social skills. >> i am the president of the united states, closed in immense power. >> he could win the third oscar of his career. >> the film about the pioneering anti slavery president has 12 nominations. >> django. has made the's film prestigious best category. >> the recognition and being invited to the party is a lot of fun. >> the film of life of supply featuring a computer-generated tiger received 11 nominations. >> it makes for an interesting story. the youngest ever nominee for her performance in beasts of the southern wild. and the 85-year-old is the oldest ever nominee in the category for her performance. >> you know what that means. >> leading the charge with eight nominations, including one for a huge jackman as leading actor, to whom i spoke recently
Jan 14, 2013 1:00am PST
and when you know someone is dead you move on. let's go through the categories. walking wounded and anybody tha follows directions and get up and walk and it's green. d is delayed and anybody that i injured but we don't think it's life-threatening. i is the people that need treatment right now and d is th dead and black and during triag you open an air way and how lon does that take? two seconds and it takes ten seconds to check and bleeding - the only bleeding i want you to treat during triage are arteria bleeding and spurting out and you could bleed to death in about three minutes and shock and if the person is unconsciou on the chair and how do i treat for shock? lay down and lift the feet and cover you and takes ten -15 seconds and i move on. the categories, black for peopl that are dead and green people that are walking and the only two categories left are red and yellow. this rule here that i'm going t teach you now and i want you to memorize it and this is the rul that is going to determine whether you're red or you're yellow. the rule is 32 can do. i want everybody to say it with me
Dec 31, 2012 11:00pm PST
, keats, blake, words words word, lots and lots. >> shakespeare is in a different category-- category, shakespeare is in the category that dante is in, that homer is in, that category that, what is fascinating is that this category, we assume somehow is only for gods but this is a human being. that is what is interesting. >> that is the point you want to make. >> this is a human being. elaborate because that is one of the points you want to make. >> this is not a god this was say leviving the breathing, human being. >> by the time this man was 20 years old, he 4 three children, he had no job, no vocation. he didn't know what to do, hi father's blood business is falling pt. he hadn't gone to oxford, the family had lost its money. there was a religion that the family was associated with, was dangerous and percent kate-- purse cuted. there was not a future for him. they figured out to have not only a future but how to express this extraordinary thing he had inside him that is the remarkable story. >> rose: what de teach you about love. >> he teaches that you can write brilliantly about l
FOX Business
Jan 13, 2013 2:30am EST
racist statements that fall under the category of slander it is the right of the business to be able to say look, we want our employees to represent a company . in another look at in making sure as johnn mentioned it is protecting gender and race and they need the right to voice challenges that are real. >> this is a tough line to find here in the sand between what is right to protect the workers and companies say you work for me and you cannot trash me on twitter. >> cheryl, you and i have read rotten hings said about ourselves . united states? >> and there is nothing we can do about it? >> you want to believe what you want to believe, that is yourr problem. every company has the right to penalize you for anything that you do that has anything to do with their company. other than that go away. this is none of their business. i want to make fun of the restaurant i was at last night, i have that rightt. >> i think johnathon might win the battle when it comes to people on twitter making comments. he love its and that's the truth . johnathon is the government can going too far. >> yes,
Jan 28, 2013 2:30pm PST
many categories of business. people like to think oh, small business owner but it's maybe 55 categories and this may be a complicated one and fin facts but they write articles about this >> great job. >> next item please. commissioners item 8 discussion on proposition e this is a discussion item >> so commissioners we've been fielding questions through our office and other business organs of wanting a review about prop e i thought today would be a good time to go over some basics. if there's any concerns, what's ahead because i'm sure you'll be fielding some questions as well. and while there is a good deal of work happening in the background like the transition of the different payroll tax incentiv incentives. the tax and treasures office is beginning their implementation but the basic concepts are we we need to help business prepare for a transition. so in your binder is a - is information that we've put together so that if i go to a business association that i hand this out to walk them through. some of this i'm going to highlight on some of this. let's go to the first slide. next
Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm EST
. >> hopefully, no more wardrobe malfunction. >> no snow shovel malfunction either. i made up for categories. -- four categories. this will be conversational. do your homework. these were a few pictures. that is not a meteor shower, is 8 snow flurry. there are snow flurries right around the washington area. here is a look at the doppler. see that area of light snow is right now. the air is so dry, some of it is flurries. all closing in on us and to the nighttime hours, ,ou folks in southern maryland a strong upper level which is the impetus for all of this vertical velocity. you folks around waldorf, st. county, of fredericksburg, those are the be seeing a bit more in the wake of snow. is the timeline. have inries are what we washington right now. at 11:00.e a general area of fluffy snow. the ground is so cold, it will stick around. main road and the primed,tes has been be in pretty good shape. the side roads, especially in to berles county, it will with maybe as much as or two of snow. 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow. the general accumulation. an inch suburbs, maybe of dusting, a fluffy snow. be carefu
Jan 11, 2013 1:00pm EST
coming back into the market. >> are there any particular categories of investments or funds that seem to be more in favor than others? we decided the number on domestic stock funds but obviously large cap, small cap, index, international. what are you you fiechbding your cl finding your clients are asking about? >> stocks. if you can tell a story where a dividend is higher than the ten-year treasury, that seems acceptable to investors, tyler. >> the history is, when individual investors pour money into mutual funds, they do it precisely at the wrong time. it is a better sign after peak than a trough in the mark pept what do you think? >> true. true. that's a short term indicator. investors have been pulling money out of stock equity funds and the market has gone on to hit new highs last week. so i think people finally realize that i might have missed something and there is so much good news happening economically that i think people finally realize i can't sit in that zero percent interest rate any more. i need to get out and do something. >> so i take to you are basically encouraging
Jan 8, 2013 12:35am PST
a category. you're gonna try to get your partner to guess as many words or phrases in that category in 30 seconds. the team with the highest score after we clear the board is a winner. any questions? sure. all right. you got anything? >> jimmy: good luck. >> oh, good luck to you too. [ laughter ] >> steve: all right. here's our -- here's our categories tonight. "e-i-e-i-o." >> jimmy: oh, okay. fun. >> steve: "catch me if you can." "june's saloon." >> jimmy: okay. >> steve: "know when to fold 'em." "it's in the bag." and "to infinity and beyond." betty, why don't you pick the first category? >> well, it's something i should learn but i haven't yet. "know when to fold 'em." >> steve: "know when to fold 'em." [ laughter ] these are things you fold. give you 30 seconds on the clock. >> okay. >> steve: and -- >> all right -- morning readable. >> a book. paper. >> yes. well -- >> newspaper. [ ping sound ] >> yes, got it. things you wear. >> shirt. pants. >> generally. >> clothes. [ ping sound ] >> uh-huh. moola. >> money. >> uh huh. [ cheers and applause ] what you sit in. >> chair. >> right. [
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,436 (some duplicates have been removed)